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Current Meter Projects

The table below provides an inventory of current-meter mooring projects conducted by the Oceanography Branch in the past.

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Project PI Region Lat_range Long_range Period #sites W_dep_range #records Server Publication
NE Channel Ramp NE Channel deep 42o10'-42o22'N 65o57'-66o02'W 1976-1978 3 221-232m 24 DODS Ramp, Schlitz, Wright JPO 1985
Patch  Schlitz North Flank of Georges 41o53'-42o16'N 66o41'-67o15'W 1978 fall 6 46-219m ~12? BIO? Allen & Schlitz unpublished 1984
GBank Recirculation & BLM Schlitz & Butman Great S. Channel 40o29'-40o53'N 68o21'-69o19'W 1976-86 11 40-100m 26 DODS Manning, Beardsley DSR 1996
Warm Core Ring I Ramp S. New England Shlf 39o51'-40o11'N 69o49'-71o17'W 1982 spring 7 61-905m 9 ? Ramp, JGR 1989
Warm Core Ring II Schlitz South Flank of Georges  40o07'-40o57'N 67o32'-68o49'W 1982 fall 6 10-305m 10 DODS Schlitz, Manning, Smith DSR2000
12-m Dumpsite Schlitz Inner NY Bight 40o19'-40o28'N 73o44'-73o52'W 1987-89 7 20-53m 12 DODS Manning et al JGR 1994
Marine Ecosystem Response Mountain South Flank of Georges  40o39'-40o42'N 67o37'-67o52'W 1992 & 1993 (mid-May) 2 79-84m 4 DODS Manning & Taylor 1995 Ref. Doc.
GLOBEC Stratification Manning South Flank of Georges  40o57'-40o57' 67o38'-67o38' 1995 (Feb-Jul) 1 69m 3 DODS Manning et al 2001 and  Werner,S., PhD. WHOI, 1999
GLOBEC Source & Retention Schlitz Great S. Channel 40o29'-40o53'N 68o21'-69o19'W 1997 (Jan-Aug) 7? 40-100m ~10? ? None
GLOBEC Cross Frontal Exchange Schlitz South Flank of Georges  41o03'-4110'N 67o14'-67o19'W 1999 (Mar-Aug) 7 55-68m 7 ? None
Tilt Meter DevelopmentSheremet/Manning GOM & SNE Shelf39o-45oN 67o-73oW 2008,10,11 40 20-200m 40 ? Sheremet and Manning, 2009

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