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Rapid Response to HABs in 2005

A set of drifters were deployed to track HABS in 2005. The first, 56101, is a surface unit (red) deployed on 6/22/2005 south of Martha's Vinyard in 3600 cells/liter of Alexandrium by WHOI. Units 56201 (green) and 56202 (blue) are surface and drogued units, respectively, deployed on 6/28/2005 at the outfall site by MWRA/Battelle. The dogued unit, 56202, was recovered by a recreational fishermen off Sandy Neck on Sunday 10 July. Units 57201 and 57202, similar to the previous two, were deploy 7/18/2005 but only survived about a week.

For details, call 508-495-2211. To download and view an animation of 22 Jun - 4 July, click here. To download the raw position data, click here.

Closeups shown below.

Time series of drifter velocity along with other variables below.

Additional drifter tracks from earlier in 2005 year and other years are posted elsewhere.
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