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Steps to processing salt samples for comparison with flow through values
  • Joyce Dennecour sends .xls files calle alXXYY_FTO_Z.xls where XX is the year, YY the cruise, and Z the leg.
  • I export a comma delimited "_com.txt" files (after cut & pasting  data to separate file) where columns are:
    •        1     2       3   4  5    6    7     8                     9        10     11    12   13  14   15             16             17          18       19    20   21
    •     gpm pgm mm dd yy hh mm ug/Ldisplay cleaned case btl# Chl# hh mm ug/Lblank ug/Ldisp ug/Llow ug/Lhi ChlA sal initials
  • manually edit to rid of blank salt records to make AL0103_FTO_Z_com_new.txt
  •   perl ~/ship/readfto.plx alXXYYlZ/alXXYY_FTO_Z_com_new.txt  which runs a MATLAB job and makes "saltcal.jpg" and "saltcal2.jpg"
    • if there is any trouble here one may run the "readfto.m" matlab on its own after specifying cru='alXXYYlZ'
  • joe edit/modify alXXYYlZ.html by inserting "ph/cruise/saltcalhtml.dat" and change the cruise code in that segment
  • check on data6/ship/salt_offsets.dat
  • notify contributors

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