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Ecosystems Dynamics & Assessment : Current Conditions (Spring 2017)

Fall Sea Surface Temperature - Northeast Shelf Ecosystem

The Northeast Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem experienced above average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) during the fall of 2016 after a relatively warm spring in most ecoregions.  In each graph, the long term mean SST is shown as a dark gray line with areas representing plus and minus one and two standard deviations of the mean, or moderately and well above the long term mean, respectively, as progressive shades of gray, respectively. SSTs for 2016 that were above the mean are shown in red and below the mean in blue. Though all areas show above average summer into fall temperatures, SSTs were well above the mean in the northern end of the ecosystem as seen in the Gulf of Maine and Scotian Shelf and only moderately above average in the Georges Bank and Middle Atlantic Bight subareas (see figures). Many days were above the mean by more than two standard deviations in these areas.

Georges Bank
Gulf of Maine
Middle Atlantic Bight
Northeast Shelf
Scotian Shelf
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