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Ecosystems Dynamics & Assessment : Current Conditions (Spring 2017)

Fall Bloom Start Day and Magnitude

Fall blooms have been most frequently detected in the Georges Bank, Gulf of Maine and Scotian Shelf regions. In 2016, a fall bloom was detected in the Gulf of Maine. The time series figures for these regions show the start day of detected blooms (black circles) and bloom magnitudes for both detected blooms (large blue circles) and climatological bloom magnitudes for years where a bloom was not detected (small blue circles). The Gulf of Maine bloom was of slightly higher than average magnitude and average start day. It would appear that there was also a bloom on the Scotian Shelf though not shown as a detection in the times series; when implemented, the bloom detection algorithm constrained the duration of a detected bloom, hence the 2016 bloom was not considered a detection. This assumption will be revisited in future versions of the algorithm.

Georges Bank
Gulf of Maine
Middle Atlantic Bight
Northeast Shelf
Scotian Shelf
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