Spring 2014 Update: Fall Bloom Development on the Northeast Shelf

Though regions of the Northeast Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem often have fall bloom activity, the ecosystem as a whole does not typically have a fall bloom. The only region that produced a typical fall bloom pattern was the Gulf of Maine (see figure) where the 2013 fall bloom was nearly identical to the climatological fall bloom pattern. The Scotian Shelf region also tends to produce a distinct fall bloom, but the 2013 chlorophyll pattern did not show a fall bloom (see figure). Georges Bank has a more irregular pattern of fall bloom formation and though we observed a seasonal increase in chlorophyll concentration in 2013, this pattern exceeds the limits to what we considered to be a bloom versus a seasonal increase in chlorophyll (see figure). The low bloom productivity in fall is in contrast to the exceptionally high chlorophyll concentrations observed during the spring bloom.

Gulf of Maine fall bloom
Gulf of Maine (GOM)
Scotian Shelf fall bloom
Scotian Shelf (SCS)
Georges Bank fall bloom
Georges Bank (GBK)
Middle Atlantic Bight fall bloom
Middle Atlantic Bight (MAB)
Northeast Shelf fall bloom
Northeast Shelf (NES)
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