Spring 2007 Update: Annual Phytoplankton Cycle-Mid Atlantic Bight

The annual phytoplankton cycle for the Mid Atlantic Bight in 2006 is overlaid on the climatological cycle for comparison (see top panel). Winter concentration appears to have been above average, where fall concentration was below average. Seasonal chlorophyll concentration and integrated seasonal chlorophyll concentration are presented for the three time periods used to represent the Mid Atlantic Bight annual phytoplankton cycle (see bottom panel). Winter chlorophyll concentration and magnitude changed in a correlated fashion, with no particular time series trends. Summer concentration and magnitude are also highly correlated, but appear to show a trend suggest a localized increase in summer phytoplankton during the period 2000-2003. Fall phytoplankton appears to complement summer production with the highest values observed at the beginning and end of the time series.

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