Ecosystems Dynamics & Assessment : Current Conditions (Spring 2017)

Satellite SST Trends for the Northeast Shelf Ecosystem

The SST conditions for 2016 were the second highest in the satellite remote sensing data series for many of the NE Shelf ecoregions. The NES SST was in excess of 13.5°C in 2016 (2016 values marked over the time series with dashed red lines), which was less than the record level set in 2012, but well above average for the ecosystem. Temperatures continue to be well above average in the all the subregions of the ecosystem.

George Bank Satellite SST
Georges Bank
Gulf of Maine Satellite SST
Gulf of Maine
Middle Atlantic Bight Satellite SST
Middle Atlantic Bight
Northeast Shelf Satellite SST
Northeast Shelf
Scotian Shelf Satellite SST
Scotian Shelf
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