Ecosystems Dynamics & Assessment | Current Conditions (Fall 2017)

Sea Surface Temperature Forecast

For each of the ecoregions of the Northeast Shelf, an ensemble mean estimate of forecast sea surface temperature from the fall 2017 into winter 2018 is provided with error bar representing the 95% confidence interval around the mean. The ensemble draws from seven climate models recast on similar models grid by the North American Multi-Model Ensemble project. The forecasts suggest that SST will remain above average in all areas through the winter into the spring; however, the SST anomaly levels may decrease by substantial levels in the Gulf of Maine.

Georges Bank sst cycle
Georges Bank
Gulf of Maine sst cycle
Gulf of Maine
Middle Atlantic Bight sst cycle
Middle Atlantic Bight
Scotian Shelf sst cycle
Scotian Shelf
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(File Modified Dec. 11 2017)