Current Conditions of the Northeast Shelf Ecosystem -- Fall 2015 Update

Spring Bloom Start Day and Magnitude

The spring bloom typically starts earlier in the more southern segments of the Northeast Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem (LME). In 2015, the Northeast Shelf composite bloom start date was in mid-March, which was close to the time series average. However, bloom magnitude was nearly 16 mg m-1 8-day which was a record high for the system. Spring bloom magnitude is one measure of bloom dimension and is calculated as the sum of chlorophyll concentrations during the bloom period. Among the ecoregions, the Scotian Shelf, Georges Bank and Middle Atlantic Bight had large blooms that were also at the highest magnitudes level in the respective time series. The Gulf of Maine bloom magnitude was among the larger magnitudes measured. This analysis was based on a blended time series of MODIS and SeaWiFS remote sensing data that utilized a time and area corrections between the two sensors.

Georges Bank
Gulf of Maine
Mid-Atlantic Bight
Notheast Shelf
Scotian Shelf
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