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Fall 2011 Update: Spring Chlorophyll Distribution

The progression of spring chlorophyll concentrations for the months of January through June are shown in the interactive figure below. Chlorophyll concentrations appear as progressive shades of green in the left hand icons. Anomalies of chlorophyll concentration, those tending to exceed plus or minus one quarter of a standard deviation of the overall concentration for the field, are in the right hand set of icons. This type of anomaly tends to highlight strong blooms in an area, the green shades, and weak blooms in an area, the brown shades. The exceptional phytoplankton bloom in the contiguous region of Massachusetts Bay and Nantucket Shoals, evidenced in recent years, did not develop in 2011. Instead, the spring bloom tended to peak in the Southern New England and eastern Georges Bank areas. Chlorophyll concentrations were generally at average levels by the beginning of the summer.

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