Fall 2008 Update: Subregion Comparison of Chlorophyll Magnitude

Graphs of zooplankton biomass

Bloom magnitude has increased for Gulf of Maine spring blooms over the eleven year time series, reflecting a similar trend seen in the bloom intensity data for this subregion. The magnitude of Georges Banks spring blooms increased during the period 2001-2004; however, in recent years bloom magnitude has declined suggesting that the spring blooms on the Bank have been of short duration, which results in low magnitude blooms. The dramatic increase in the Southern New England spring bloom magnitude may be an artifact of the provisional data used in the 2008 assessment, or may reflect the bloom that occurred in the Massachusetts Bay/Nantucket Shoals area. These data will need to be re-evaluated after the chlorophyll data are reprocessed. There are no discernable trends in the winter blooms occurring in the Gulf of Maine, on Georges Bank or in the Southern New England subregions. The winter bloom in the Mid-Atlantic Bight has increased in magnitude over the time series.

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