Fall 2008 Update: Spring Conditions on the Northeast Shelf Ecosystem

The Northeast Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem experienced minor fluctuations in sea surface temperatures during the spring of 2008. SST was above average during the winter and cooled during May in some parts of the ecosystem. Considered in context of SST change for the last half of 2007, there have been only relative low amplitude changes in seasonal SST. There appears to have been a well developed spring bloom on Northeast Shelf as evidenced by the bloom period which appears to have begun earlier than average and ended well after the climatological bloom period. However, as mentioned in Data Sources section the bloom level may not be in calibration to the time series data and we must hold judgment as to whether the bloom was truly above climatological levels. Zooplankton biomasses were at or above average through the summer and fall of 2007 and the winter of 2007/2008. Biomass decreased to below average in the spring of 2008.

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