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Fall 2007 Update: Timing of the Spring Bloom

Graph of Spring Bloom

The timing of the spring bloom can be important to the recruitment of fish stocks and the production realized by various components of the food web. Bloom start and peak dates were estimated for 9km squares on the Northeast Shelf.  Many locations in Southern New England and the Mid-Atlantic Bight were poorly estimated, in part due to the fact the spring bloom is not a dominant feature in these subregions. Mean start and peak bloom dates were calculated for the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank subregions. Bloom start dates were typically in early March in both subregions, with Georges Bank showing evidence of a more variable start time of the bloom. The 2007 spring bloom was estimated to have started around February 24 and March 6 on Georges Bank and in the Gulf of Maine, respectively. Peak bloom date is typically in early April in both subregions and appears to have coincided in 2007 with both the Georges Bank and Gulf of Maine blooms peaking around April 26.

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