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Fall 2007 Update: Spring Sea Surface Temperature Distribution

Maps of monthly SST

Monthly sea surface temperature mean and anomaly maps of the Northeast Shelf for the first half of 2007 show the expected progression of seasonal cooling and warming throughout the shelf.  The conventional gradient of increasing SST with decreasing latitude is clearly evident, as well as the sharp contrast between the cool shelf water and the relatively warmer water along the shelf break from Georges Bank to Cape Hatteras.  Monthly anomalies are shown as the departure of the monthly mean from the long-term mean for the given month.  The above average conditions in the Southern New England subregion in January are possible remnants of warm core rings from the Gulf Stream.  Negative anomalies were consistently present from February through May in the waters east and south of Georges Bank.  The temperature departures in June were weak, indicating that the regional SST patterns were in-line with the ten year mean.

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