Fall 2007 Update: Subregion Comparison of Chlorophyll Intensity

Graphs of Chlorophyll intensity

Chlorophyll intensity increases on the order of three fold during the spring time period compared to the late winter period in the Gulf of Maine and on Georges Bank, which reflects the increase in chlorophyll concentration associated with the spring bloom. There is no obvious trend in the winter data; however, it would appear that the spring bloom intensity in the Gulf of Maine and on Georges Bank has increased over the decadal period of SeaWiFS observations.  A spring bloom is differentiated in the Southern New England subregion, but it only represents a two fold increase over winter chlorophyll intensities, which tend to be higher than observed in the northern subregions. There does not appear to be any time series trend in the Southern New England bloom intensity data. Bloom intensity of the winter bloom in the Mid-Atlantic Bight is variable and without trend.

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