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Fall 2007 Update: Trends in Spring Conditions for the Northeast Shelf

Chart of Trends

The SST and chlorophyll data for the Northeast Shelf Ecosystem were partitioned into time period/seasonal indices following the scheme described in the Spring 2007 Ecosystem Advisory, see: The annual cycle of the parameters for the Northeast Shelf was divided into three seasonal time periods, the details of this division can be found in the link below. For this advisory, which summaries spring conditions, the only time period with complete data is winter. The time series of the Northeast Shelf winter sea surface temperatures shows that the 2006 and 2007 values reverse the cooling trend of the past five years. The 2007 winter SST index was slightly above average. Winter chlorophyll intensity and magnitude remained at high levels similar to levels observed in 2006. The January-February zooplankton biomass estimate suggests a large, but not unprecedented, decrease in zooplankton during the winter of 2007. Zooplankton data from March-April and May-June 2007 is not yet available.

Partitioning the Year on the Northeast Shelf

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