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Ecosystems & Aquaculture Division

Chief: Dr. Tom Noji

The Ecosystems and Aquaculture Division develops scientific knowledge on the interactions between the environment and marine biota, to promote sustainable wild-caught and cultivated fisheries, and to conserve protected species in the Northeast Continental Shelf ecosystem, nationally and internationally. 

Major research themes include ecosystem processes and environmental conditions for production of harvestable algae, invertebrates and vertebrates; the processes linking spatial and temporal patterns in climate with regional and local responses of species and their habitats; and the positive and negative influences of human activities upon ecosystem function and services.  This is accomplished by the coordination and design of field surveys and laboratory investigations conducted by five research branches with staff across the Northeast. 

Better understanding of these processes enables the Division to develop technologies and recommendations to promote the growth of a highly productive aquaculture industry, to support assessment and management of protected and harvested species, and more generally to support the development of Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management in the Northeast Region.

EAD Branches

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