2017 Drifter Tracks
resolving transport pathways through New England's continental shelf waters and beyond

updated every two hours

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Deployers Date Deployed
#units Science
ID-Type of Unit
Educational PassagesBaldwin2016 multiple places 10?educational underwayboat under sail "Crimson Voyager" late 2015;
"West" 28 Jan 2016 landed in Scotland Aug 2016;
"Lightning Bolt" late Winter;
"SS DCA Eagle" late winter 2016 (twice);
"Red Storm" 14 April 2016 landed in Ireland;
"Atlantic Flame" 18 April 2016 ashore a few days later
"Atlantic Flame" again 4 May 2016 off France in early 2017
"Lancer" 4 May 2016 off R/V Neil Armstrong landed in Ireland
"CanariesII" 12 May 2016 off Canaries landed in Yucatan in Feb 2017
"Cougars" deployed off Maryland and west of Gibralter in early 2017
"Radcliffe Creek" off Maryland
"Osprey" deployed off Maryland landed in Wales
"Carolina DreamerII" deployed north of the Azores
Hingham MA HighGauthier/CampbellWhale Watch 27 Apr 2016 Mass Bay1marine debrisunderwayIrina surface drifter well documented in ppt; close call near P-Town; circumnavigated Georges Bank, entered Gulf Stream off Chesapeake in November,
Waterford CT HighO'ConnerR/V Neil Armstrong07 May 2016 Mid-Atl. Bight2educationunderwayunmanned sailboat and Irina surface drifter 164400721 sailboat headed to Ireland in Sept 2016 while;
164400722 drifter is only half way there
PLOCAN CanariesBarreraPLOCAN12 May 2016
01 Dec 2016
off Hierro Island2 educationunderwayunmanned sailboats "Canaries II" crossed the ocean in 3 months, entered Carribbean in late November 2016, and appeared on a Yucatan beach in Feb 2017;
"CanariesIII" ...
St John Evangelist Beverly SchoolPomeroyCaptain Bill Whale Watch19 May 2016 Mass Bay1marine debrisunderwayIrina surface drifter exited Georges Bank near NE Channel and made it into Gulf Stream in late September
Morse High Bath MEIlkovich/YoungF/V Illusion from Belfast ME31 May 2016 Maine Coastal Current1marine debrisunderwayIrina surface drifter with help from fishermen James Carroll and Nick Hawke; exited Georges Bank near NE Channel and made it into Gulf Stream in late September; south of Scotian Shelf in late November
South Shore Natural Science Center/ISML/SEADeGiulio/Galuzzo/Zetler1 June 2016 Mass Bay6educationunderwaysurface drifters 166420705Plymouth_Middle_School_2 landed near Sandy Hook NJ in Sept;
166420703 SSCPS died SNE shelfedge in Aug;
166420702 Hanover middle died south of GSCin Aug;
166420707 SEA redeployed Plymouth Middle of Isle of Shoals;
166420701 Inly school died east of NE Channel in August;
166420704 PMS_1 died in late Oct in Gulf Stream;
1674207010 Germantown past Grand Banks in late Dec
167420706 PCIS past Mid-Atl Ridge in Feb 2017
Center for Student Coastal ResearchBuckleyMr.Paul Adams15 July 2016Mass Bay3marine debrisunderway1 drogued and 3 surface drifters drogue dragged on ledge after five days and disappeared; surface drifters spent time north of Georges Bank
Cohasset MA Middle SchoolSears/Buckley 15 July 2016 Mass Bay1marine debrisunderwayIrina surface drifter time north of Georges Bank
St Pauls Advance Sci&Math HighJones/DavisAppledore Whale Watch? 17 July 2016 Mass Bay1marine debrisunderwayIrina surface drifter deployed off Isle of Shoals; off Georges Bank near NE Channel in Sept 2016;
Cape Fear Community CollegeDegan27 Sep 2016 Gulf Stream2Marine Techunderwayunmanned sailboats SS Daniel went east while SS Lester Bell went south
Thetford Vt ElementaryBradleyF/V RaiderIII 02 Oct 2016 off Cape Cod2educationunderwayIrina surface drifter 160420691 thanks to Billy & Cheryl Souza it was deployed multiple times. This first time it only lasted a few tides before washing up on Head of the Meadow Beach, recovered, and redeployed;
160420692 thanks to Rick Lukas, a beachwalker on vacation, was delivered back to Billy, and this second deployment headed out to sea and ...
South Shore Natural Science Center SchoolsDeGiulio/Koury/JacobsCap'n John Whale Watch19 Oct 2016 Mass Bay10educationunderwaysurface drifters headed NNW, around the Cape, on to Nantucket Shoals, and all starting dying near 60 degW.
Educational PassagesBaldwin Fall 2016 Multiple Places20educationunderwayunmanned sailboats North Atlantic Regatta
Center for Student Coastal ResearchBuckleyR/V Auk5 Nov 2016Mass Bay2 marine debrisunderwayIrina surface drifters 1604207013 stuck around in Mass Bay for a few weeks, came ashore in Hatches Harbor, collected by Chris Anderson (NPS), brought to Race Point Ranger Station all in one peice, and ...;
1604207014 went offshore first;
Tabor Academy MADavid/Randall/Albright 24 Nov 2016 Mass Bay1marine debrisunderwayIrina surface drifter close to Bermuda!
NOAAManningF/V Resolve8 Dec 2016 Cape Cod Bay2instrument testunderwayIrina surface drifter & star-shaped eco-friendly drogue 1604107022 CCA surf drifter came ashore;
1604107023 drogue went to Georges Bank and ...
UMarylandMeng???29 Mar 2017 Maryland intercoastal25dispersion?underwayIrina surface drifter three escaped the estuaries w/some heading offshore
UCONNJia/Whitney???12 Apr 2017 Long Island Sound9river plume dynamicsunderwaybucket drifters 174410721 through the Sluiceway the next day and landed on Block Island five days later;
174410722 along Orient Pt shore the next day collected by Joe Bandarchuk ;
174410725 apparently landed on Charles Island off Milford CT on 4/20 but stopped transmitting;
174410729 along Plum Island western shore the next day and recovered by Kevin Maier on 24 April who will mail in the transmitter;
Educational PassagesBaldwin2017 multiple places ~20educational plannedboat under sail "Osprey" to be deployed by Wales
New England Sailing and ScienceHorriganStonington fishermen?May 2017 Mid-Atl Bight1educationplannedbamboo surface drifters
GOMIHalloranJaySpring 2017 GOM6educationunderwayirina surface drifters

Note: Most units are prepared by marine science students. The majority are standard "surface drifters" marking only the top 1-meter of the water column, but some units, as in the case of EP boats, track the wind and wave at the surface and some have subsurface drogues typically centered at 10m-15m below the surface. For details, call 508-495-4727 or email james.manning@noaa.gov.