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Satellite-tagged Atlantic wolffish
An Atlantic wolffish is equipped with a satellite tag to
help determine their movements and habitat use.
Credit: Trish DeGraaf - Maine Department of Marine Resources

Projects Overview

Collaborative fisheries research projects managed through the Northeast Cooperative Research Program are generated from several different sources.

These projects include research funded through our program contract competitions, projects led by the Northeast Fisheries Science Center, projects developed in response to the region's fishery Research Set-Aside programs, the Study Fleet, and Congressionally-directed cooperative research programs.

Federal funds supporting projects can be distributed through grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements. The Northeast Cooperative Research Program also provides funds to help support collaborative research competitions administered through external partners such as the Northeast Consortium and the Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation.

Since 1999, more than 530 collaborative projects have been supported through the Northeast Cooperative Research Program and its partners. Projects have primarily been distributed from Maine to Virginia, involving hundreds of scientists, fishermen, and students.

Work to date includes more than 130 projects funded through our program contract competitions and 120 projects supported through Research Set-Asides. The majority of these have focused on one of the following areas:

  • Industry-Based Surveys (80 projects) to gather information about fish in waters not well-covered by other surveys
  • Conservation Engineering to find ways to fish more selectively and/or to reduce impacts of fishing on habitat and protected species (135 projects)
  • Ecosystem/Habitat and Resource Dynamics (100 projects) to learn more about the relationships between marine fish and their environment
  • Tagging studies (35 projects) to learn more about where and when fish occur and more to better define stocks within species.

For more details on the work supported through these programs, please see our comprehensive project list. A final report for each project is available once the report has been received and peer reviewed. We are currently working to post all of these on our Project Report page. If you want one that is not currently posted, please contact us.

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