Northeast Cooperative Research Staff

Henry Milliken Acting Branch Chief - Northeast Cooperative Research Program
Woods Hole MA
Henry Milliken leads the Northeast Fisheries Science Center's conservation engineering efforts to reduce the bycatch of sea turtles, cetacean and other protected species in commercial fishing gear. He has directed and attained funding for many successful collaborative research efforts.
John Hoey Deputy Chief, Cooperative Research Branch
401 782-3323
John coordinates, oversees, plans, and executes cooperative research programs managed and/or supported by the Northeast Fisheries Science Center and its partners in this effort. He has also worked as a scientist for other NMFS offices, a federal fishery management council, and for the National Fisheries Institute. He has spent much of his career working with commercial fishermen to build databases from their business records that can then be used to improve fishery stock assessments.
Earl Meredith Cooperative Research Coordinator
Gloucester, MA
978 281-9276
Earl has been with the Northeast Cooperative Research Program (NCRP) since it began in 1999. His role is to facilitate strategic and fiscal planning for the NCRP, serve on the New England Fishery Management Council’s Research Steering Committee, enhance outreach to constituents, and promote cooperative research among recreational angling constituents. Prior to working in the NCRP Earl worked as an analyst in NOAA’s Fishery Statistics Office, and before joining NOAA, was the Vice President of Fishery Information Managements Systems, Inc. Outside of work, Earl volunteers in leadership development programs, mentors young scientists, and serves as Commodore of the Sandy Bay Yacht Club in Rockport, MA.
Cheryl Corbett Cooperative Programs Specialist/Federal Programs Officer
Woods Hole, MA
508 495-2070
Cheryl administers the Atlantic Sea Scallop, Monkfish, and Atlantic Herring Research Set-Aside Programs. She is customer-service oriented and enjoys community outreach. She is a member of the Woods Hole Marketing Group and actively involved with the coordination of the Annual Woods Hole Science Stroll. Before joining NOAA's Northeast Fisheries Science Center in 2007, Cheryl worked for the National Park Service at their Regional Office in Boston for 16 years as a Contracting Officer. Cheryl is a native Cape Codder, who is naturally drawn to the peacefulness of the area and is impressed with the passion of everyone involved in cooperative research. Outside of work she enjoys coordinating children's activities at a local golf club and serving meals at the homeless shelter.
Carolyn Woodhead Cooperative Research Specialist
Gloucester, MA
978 281-9197
Carolyn is a cooperative research specialist whose duties include a wide range of tasks such as aiding in the development and oversight of NEFSC cooperative research competitions and contracts, and assisting with program activities for the Northeast Cooperative Research Program. Before joining the Cooperative Research Program, she worked with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries in their fisheries and shellfish programs, and with NOAA's Northeast Regional Office in Protected Resources. Carolyn enjoys working with diverse groups on the practical applications of fisheries research, and spends her free time boating and fishing on the North Shore.
Ryan Silva Cooperative Research Liaison
Gloucester, MA
978 281-9326
Ryan Silva serves as the Cooperative Research Liaison for the Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office, working with scientists, fishermen, and managers to support cooperative research efforts. With a background in fisheries science and expertise in the fishery management process, Ryan is well positioned to help bridge the gap between the science and management arenas. In this capacity, Ryan oversees implementation of the region’s research set-aside programs, experimental fishing regulations and policies, and serves as the general point of contact for the Regional Office for cooperative research.
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