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Fishing vessel Moragh K
Credit: NOAA Fisheries/NEFSC

Northeast Cooperative Research Program Review

The Northeast Fisheries Science Center initiated an independent review of its Northeast Cooperative Research Program in 2016. The final reviewer report, NEFSC response, and action plan are now available and posted below.

The review found that the NCRP has demonstrated success working with fishing industry partners on research that can improve fishery science and management. Examples include long-term efforts like the NEFSC study fleet, development of electronic reporting tools for catch and environmental data, enhanced sampling opportunities of fishery resources, and specialized industry-based survey collaborations.

The review also provided suggestions for improving NCRP programs, including more use of NCRP data and services in the region both within NOAA Fisheries and by management partners, increasing visibility of awards and results generated through the programs managed by the NCRP and NEFSC, improving internal and external communication of NCRP roles, functions, capabilities, and opportunities to become engaged, and organizational efforts to better manage its diverse activities and leverage opportunities with the NEFSC's Fisheries Sampling Branch.

The review report has provided the NEFSC with a solid foundation with which to begin to better align our cooperative research efforts with the NEFSC's Strategic Science Plan for 2016-2021. Nearly 100 people were interviewed or surveyed as part of this review effort, and we extend our appreciation to those who made time to participate.

Cooperative research is one of our most important tools for transferring knowledge between the fishing industry and our science staff. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our connections with the fishing industry and better integrate our cooperative research products and services into regional fisheries science and management efforts in the region as we move forward.

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