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NEFSC Yellowtail Flounder Cooperative Tagging Program

NEFSC's Cooperative Yellowtail Tagging Program began in 2003. We work with commercial fishermen throughout New England to tag and release yellowtail flounder with pink and yellow disc tags or green data storage tags. The location, date, and other information are recorded upon the release of the tagged fish, and the same information is recorded when the fish is recaptured by fishermen or other reporters. From this information we can estimate stock movements, mortality, and growth, which leads to more accurate biological and stock assessments. Visit the Project Summary page for more information.

Every tag counts! Please report all tags; even tags from fish caught as by-catch, or that are short and sub-legal. Just cut the tag and throw the fish over.

Have you caught a tagged yellowtail flounder?

yellowtail flounder with pink tagyellowtail flounder with DST tag

Or have you found one of these tags?

yellow tag pink tag orange tag DST tag

Find out how to report the tag and information »

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