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Woods Hole Science Aquarium College Interns

did you know

The mantis shrimp has the most complex color vision of any animal on earth.

See photos of the great college interns who come every year to take care of the animals and see what it takes to run an aquarium.

Making new friends

In recent years one or more college students have had paying summer internships in the aquarium, funded through the Northeast Fisheries Science Center’s Academic Programs Office.

Some interns have worked in the aquarium as assistant aquarists, caring for the animals and leading public collecting walks. Other interns have served as program assistants, helping to run the high school intern program.

Internships are competitive positions that provide undergraduates with summer employment opportunities at NEFSC laboratories in Woods Hole MA, Milford CT, Highlands NJ, and Orono ME.

Internship opportunities are posted in mid-winter and applications are usually due in February. Fellowships are awarded in March or April, depending on availability of funds.