Two-story, 32,000 gallon research aquarium

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center's Howard Laboratory is its state-of-the-art seawater system and the laboratories and aquaria it supports. The wet labs are designed to be exceedingly adaptable to various types of experimental designs and aquaria space needs, are capable of reproducing highly controlled environmental conditions under various water temperature and light regimes, and can provide 24-hour monitoring of experiments through integrated computer and video systems. High quality sea water is supplied to support research aquaria in 12 laboratories, including a large, two-story 32,000 gallon research aquarium. This research tank is housed in a sound-retardant room in which daily and seasonal changes in light intensity and photoperiod, for any time of the year and for any place in the world, can be simulated. The lighting is controlled by a computer that guides 1,500 flourescent lamps, while video cameras monitor the tank from above and through viewing windows along the sides.
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