"Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem."

-A.A. Milne

NEFSC Passive Acoustic Group

Acoustics Group: Denise, Sofie, Dani & Genevieve

Denise, Sofie, Danielle, and Genevieve outside NEFSC. Photo Credit: Matt Lougee




Sofie Van Parijs

Sofie Van Parijs is the program leader for the passive acoustics group within the Protected Species Branch at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center. We work on passive acoustic research topics for all marine animals in the ocean, with a focus on the northwestern Atlantic region.


Danielle Cholewiak

Danielle Cholewiak is a senior bioacoustician in the group working primarily on towed array data collected from our vessel based stock assessment surveys as well as ocean noise research.


Genevieve Davis

Genevieve Davis was a NOAA Hollings scholar in our group working on North Atlantic right whale calling behavior across seasons. She graduated from Binghamton University in 2011 after which she became a research analyst in our group. She is currently working towards a Masters degree at UMASS Boston and focuses on North Atlantic right whale acoustic ecology.


Samara Haver

Samara graduated from Colorado College in 2010 and worked in our group as a summer intern in 2011. Before joining the acoustics team she worked at the Sea Education Association in Woods Hole. Currently, Samara is working on sperm whale and North Atlantic Cod acoustic ecology.


Dana Gerlach

Dana Gerlach has a Science Masters in geochemistry and paleoceanography from MIT. She is currently working as database and project manager for the acoustics research program.


Annamaria Izzi

Annamaria has a Masters of Research from the University of Saint Andrews, Scotland, where she focused on beaked whale acoustics. Prior to that she analyzed vocalizations from various marine mammals at Cornell's Bioacoustics Research Program, and monitored beaked whales on navy ranges at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, RI. She is working as a research analyst focusing on our beaked whale and sperm whale projects.

Former research assistants:

Keith Hernandez: (NOAA Hollings Scholar summer 2010) current graduate student at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, California

Sarah Mussoline: (NOAA Hollings Scholar summer 2007) also past research assistant in Mark Baumgartner's lab at WHOI

Joy Stanistreet: (NOAA Hollings Scholar summer 2008) current graduate student at Duke University

Elizabeth Vu: (NOAA Hollings Scholar summer 2007) current graduate student at Scripps Institute of Oceanography Whale Acoustics Lab

Jillian Vitacco: current graduate student at University of Santa Cruz, Long Marine Laboratory

Former PhDs:

Dr. Denise Risch: (2013. "Baleen whale acoustic ecology with focus on minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) and reference to anthropogenic noise". Zoology, University of Kiel) Denise was a Senior Acoustician with the group from 2006-2013 and is a currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate at The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS).

Dr. Robert Valtierra: (2013. "Source localization of narrow band signals in multipath environments, with application to marine mammals". Mechanical Engineering Department, Boston University) after helping with many of our engineering queries, Rob has moved on, but not without leaving us some of his masterpieces.

Dr. Ilse van Opzeeland: (2010. "Acoustic ecology of marine mammals in polar oceans". Polar and Marine Research Ocean Acoustics Lab, Alfred Wegener Institute) current researcher at Alfred Wegener Institute.

Former Postdocs:

Dr. Steven Brady: After receiving his PhD in evolutionary ecology at Yale, he joined the acoustics group to work on incorporating acoustic detections into estimates of right whale demographics. He is currently a visiting scholar in the Biology Department at Dartmouth College.


NOAA Hollings Scholarship (http://www.oesd.noaa.gov/Hollings_info.html)

Julianne Gurnee (Hollings Scholar Summer 2013)
Julia Luthringer (Hollings Scholar Summer 2012)
Genevieve Davis (Hollings Scholar Summer 2010)
Keith Hernandez (Hollings Scholar Summer 2010)
Taryn Overton (Hollings Scholar Summer 2009)
Michelle McEachern (Hollings Scholar Summer 2009)
Amy Rhoads (Hollings Scholar Summer 2008)
Joy Stanistreet (Hollings Scholar Summer 2008)
Sarah Mussoline (Hollings Scholar Summer 2007)
Elizabeth Vu (Hollings Scholar Summer 2007)
Shonda Gaylord (Hollings Scholar Summer 2007)
Rachael Dickey (Hollings Scholar Summer 2006)
Charles White (Hollings Scholar Summer 2006)

PEP program (http://www.woodsholediversity.org/pep/)

Alisa Young (PEP Summer 2014)
Myya Jackson (PEP Summer 2012)
Danielle Rodriguez (PEP Summer 2012)
James Lewis (PEP Summer 2011)
Rachel Rochon (PEP Summer 2010)
Jordan Aoyama (PEP Summer 2009)


Julianne Cossavella (Graduate intern 2014)
Kelly Simonson (Summer 2014)
Sam Hommand (Summer 2013)
Sarah Strobel (Summer 2011)
Samara Haver (2011)
Lauren Gentile (Summer 2011 and 2010)
Caitlin Waring (high school intern (2010 & 2011)
Jackie Koo (High school intern (2009 & 2010)
Gabriel Poritz (2009)
Andre Guerreiro da Silva (2008-2009)
Jackie Kiernan (2006-2007)

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