Seminar Series Schedule

Fall 2015 - Winter 2016

Woods Hole Laboratory, Stephen H. Clark Conference Room

Noon to 1:00 pm (unless otherwise noted)

**NOTE** Seminars are listed from future (top) to past (bottom)

Day Date Speaker Title Affiliation Local Host
Tue Mar 7 Ashok Deshpande

Quest of Microplastics in Marine Environment with Pyrolysis GC-MS

NEFSC /Sandy Hook  
Tue Mar 7 Gary Wikfors

Aquaculture Sustainability – what is it and how do we assess it?

NOTE: Time is 3:00

NEFSC /Milford  
Wed Feb 15 Richard McBride

Engage with scientific reviewing

Click here for a PDF of the presentation

NEFSC Henry Milliken
Wed Feb 8 Richard McBride

Improve your scientific writing

Click here for a PDF of the presentation

NEFSC Henry Milliken
Wed Dec 14 Vanessa Trijoulet Bioeconomic modelling of grey seal predation impacts on the West of Scotland fisheries NEFSC- Post Doc Tim Miller
Wed Dec 7 Angela Muench Fishermen's location choice under spatio-temporal update of expectations NEFSC Barbara Roundtree
Tue Nov 1 Mark Dickey-Collas

ICES, facilitating knowledge for the ecosystem approach

To join the meeting:

Conference Number(s):  866/658-7997
Participant Code: 4319624

International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) Sarah Gaichas
Wed Oct 26 Doug Krause

Leopard seals in focus: new perspective on the foraging ecology of an apex predator

**Click here for a picture of Leopard seals**

SWFSC Charles Perretti
Wed Sep 28 Bill Karp, Sofie Van Parijs, and Dvora Hart [NEFSC], and Scott Gallager [WHOI]

Joint NEFSC/WHOI Seminar Series: Panel Discussion on Transitioning Technology to Operations

TIME: 12:15 to 13:30

NEFSC and WHOI Michael Jech
Thu Sep 22 Jon Hare NOAA Fisheries Climate Science Strategy and the Northeast Regional Action Plan - 2017-2021: Link has Adobe connect and call-in information. NOTE: time is 1:00-3:00 NEFSC  
Wed Aug 31 Several

R/V Gloria Michelle: The Perfect Vessel for Outreach - Here's what we did and why it works

Click here to download the presentation (7.0 MB)

NEFSC Heidi Marotta
Thu Aug 18 James Thorson MICE in space:  Using spatio-temporal ecosystem models to explore density-dependent range shifts, species interactions, and the standardization of fishery catch-rate data NWFSC Tim Miller
Fri May 13 Ashok Deshpande

Utility of chemical  tracer tags in the delineation of foraging grounds of bluefin tuna

TIME: 11:00 - 12:00

NEFSC Paula Fratantoni
Wed May 11 Kathleen Segerson Individual vs. Collective Approaches to Fisheries Management University of Connecticut Kathryn Bisack
Wed Apr 27 Tim Stanton

Resonance classification of swimbladder-bearing fish using broadband acoustics: 1-6 kHz

TIME: 12:15 - 1:30

NEFSC Michael Jech
Wed Mar 23 Richard McBride Writing for scientists NEFSC Paula Fratantoni
Wed Mar 16 Richard McBride Designing an effective presentation NEFSC Paula Fratantoni
Fri Mar 11 Sarah Gaichas
Ecosystem Based Fishery Management: Overview of Mid Atlantic Fishery Management Council DevelopmentsNOTE: Time is 1:00-2:30: Adobe Connect:
NEFSC Jon Hare
Wed Mar 2 Jon Duquette, Michael Bergman and Vic Nordahl A Brief Overview of the NESFC Annual Sea Scallop Survey: the Past, Present, and Future NEFSC Tasha O'Hara
Thu Feb 11 Jason Link Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management NMFS Jon Hare
Wed Feb 3 Dvora Hart/ Jui-Han Chang Design, population estimation and use of automated image analysis for Habcam sea scallop surveys NEFSC Tasha O'Hara
Wed Jan 27 Tasha O'Hara and Nicole Charriere The HabCam V4: An Overview of Its Uses and Capabilities as a Survey Tool NEFSC Tasha O'Hara
Wed Jan 20 Chris Gurshin Joint NEFSC/WHOI seminar: Title = Assessment of Three Sonars to Evaluate the Downstream Migration of American Eel in the St. Lawrence River Normandeau Associates Michael Jech
Wed Jan 13 Scott Gallager The HabCamV4 Program: An Overview of Scallops, Groundfish, Habitat Characterization and Other Uses of Data from the HabCamV4 System WHOI Tasha O'Hara
Wed Dec 16 Richard McBride An Assessment of Fish Age and Growth NOAA/NEFSC/PBB  
Wed Dec 2 T. Aran Mooney Sounds to warm you on a cold winter’s day: Using Coastal Soundscapes to Quantify Coral Reef Communities and Anthropogenic Activities
-NEFSC/WHOI seminar
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Michael Jech
Mon Nov 23 Kyle Van Houtan
Improving marine stewardship through climate, historical, and ecosystem science

NOAA/PIFSC Henry Milliken/Mike Simpkins
Thu Nov 19 Sean Hayes Ecosystem approaches to protected species science; Finding the balance with human needs NOTE:seminar is 1:30-2:30 NOAA/SWFSC Fisheries Ecology Division Henry Milliken/Mike Simpkins
Thu Oct 1 Richard McBride The capital-income breeding continuum in fishes NOTE: Talk is at Redfield Auditorium-12:00 noon NEFSC External


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