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Seminar Series Schedule

Spring 2014 - Fall 2014

Woods Hole Laboratory, Stephen H. Clark Conference Room

Noon to 1:00 pm (unless otherwise noted)

Day Date Speaker Title Affiliation Local Host
Wed Jun 17 TBA TBA - Joint WHOI-NEFSC Seminar Series TBA Michael Jech
Wed Apr 15 TBA TBA - Joint WHOI-NEFSC Seminar Series TBA Michael Jech
Wed Feb 11, 2015 Purnima Ratilal TBA - Joint WHOI-NEFSC Seminar Series Northeastern University Michael Jech
Wed Dec 3 Chris Taylor Identifying biological hotspots from fishery acoustic surveys in species-rich, untrawlable habitats in coral reef ecosystems [NOTE: Time is 12:15-1:30] NOS, Beaufort Michael Jech
Wed Sep 17 Danielle Cholewiak Using passive acoustics to improve management and conservation of marine mammals in the western North Atlantic [NOTE: Time is 12:15-1:30] NEFSC/ PSB Michael Jech
Wed Sep 10 Jon Hare Northeast Fisheries Climate Vulnerability Assessment: First Implementation of a National Methodology NEFSC Paula Fratantoni
Wed Aug 13 Vincent S. Saba Climate Change in the U.S. Northeast Shelf: Observations and Projections NEFSC / Princeton University Mike Fogarty
Tue Aug 5 Andrew Scheld Costly Avoidance in a Multispecies Catch Share Fishery U. Washington/VIMS Min-Yang Lee
Fri Jul 11 Nicole Vollmer Insights into the intra- and inter-specific relationships of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) and multiple Lagenorhynchus species based on genetic analysis NOAA/NMFS/National Systematics Laboratory Fred Wenzel
Wed Jun 25 Andone Lavery

Remote inference of biological parameters using broadband acoustic "color" NOTE: Time is 12:00-1:15

Link to presentation video

WHOI Mike Jech
Thu Jun 12 Fred Serchuk Some Personal Reflections on Good Scientific Writing: Mistakes I (and some others) Have Made or, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly NOTE: Time is 10:00 - 12:00 NEFSC - Woods Hole Richard McBride
Fri May 16 Dorothy Dankel Science for policy: why point estimates for TAC advice are misleading and what to do about it Institute of Marine Research / University of Bergen Erik Olsen
Wed May 7 Marie C. Martin Seabird breeding success and forage fish abundance in the Gulf of Maine: What Atlantic puffins and Arctic terns can tell us about climate change NEFSC - Woods Hole Mike Fogarty

If you have questions, would like to give a seminar, or would like to join the committee, please contact Rich McBride at

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