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NOAA ship Bigelow heads out to sea The 2017 spring bottom trawl survey got underway March 11, heading southbound on the NOAA Ship Bigelow out of Newport RI. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Wesley Rand. Check out our Field Fresh blog to see what they're up to »
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Fish and Fisheries
bluefin tuna
Current information for the species we study the most intensively. Learn more »
Marine Mammals and Sea Turtles
We conduct research for the management of protected species off the US northeast coast. Learn more »
Food from the Sea
We make information and data available to fishers and seafood consumers. Learn more »
People and the Sea
sorting fish
Scientists, fishing folks, mariners, and more rely on the sea for their livelihood. Learn more »
The Ocean Realm
We study resources and habitats from the deepest waters to the coastline. Learn more »
Research Vessels
Our ships perform a variety of research activities to support NOAA's mission. Learn more »
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