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13 Bronze

NEFSC Lands 13 Bronze and 3 DCAs


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Moakley Helps NMFS Get on Board the Admiral's New NOAA

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Recent NEFSC Publications

45th Northeast Regional Stock Assessment Workshop (45th SAW). 45th SAW Assessment Summary Report. July 2007.

The Analytic Component to the Standardized Bycatch Reporting Methodology Omnibus Amendment: Sampling Design, and Estimation of Precision and Accuracy (2nd Edition), May 2007.

44th Northeast Regional Stock Assessment Workshop (44th SAW): 44th SAW Assessment Report. May 2007.

Estimates of Cetacean and Pinniped Bycatch in the 2005 Northeast Sink Gillnet and Mid-Atlantic Coastal Gillnet Fisheries. May 2007.

Evaluation of a modified scallop dredge’s ability to reduce the likelihood of damage to loggerhead sea turtle carcasses. April 2007.

The 2005 Assessment of Acadian Redfish, Sebastes fasciatus Storer, in the Gulf of Maine/Georges Bank region. April 2007.

Report of the Protected Species SAIP Tier III Workshop, 7-10 March 2006, Silver Spring, MD. April 2007.

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Piecing Together the Big Picture in Long Island Sound

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amo, amas, amat

When Discussing Species' Names, Galbraith Is NEFSC's Persona Grata

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William E. Ricker portrait

William E. Ricker Conservation Award Honors READ

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acadian redfish

Electronic Fish Indentification Database -- A Visual Daily Double!

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