Educational Passages Boats deployed in 2015

Green icon = most recent fix of active unit

To see some other drifters deployed this year (mostly off New England), visit



Bon Voyage from Maine w/ESNs 742369 & 320085


SS Morning Star from Oregon w/ESN 759821


Godspeed from Sommerworth, NH w/ESN 995465

Phyxis Phyxis from Oregon Sea Grant

Delaware Hornet from Hollywood, California w/ESN 750397

Delaware Clark Magnet School from La Crescenta, CA w/ESN ???

Delaware Laing Middle School of Science and technolgy from Mt Pleassant, SC w/ESN ??

Red Storm Red Storm Cruiser from Scarborough w/ESN 746564

Carolina Carolina Dreamer from St. Andrews School of Math and Science from Charlestown, SC w/ESN 746258

Holton ME S S Maine Shire from Houlton ME w/ESN 738119

PLOCAN Canary Islands Canaries Islands PLOCAN on Hermione w/ESN 739704

Lake Superior Lake Superior boat from Milwalkee w/ESN 740079