Educational Passages Boats launched December 1, 2012

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Crimson Tide (ID=120350751)
(ESN 331187)

Crimson Tide

Morristown-Beard School's 6th grade geography Found by a fisherman off Guernsey Island, refit with a new transmitter (ESN 995417)for deployment on 10 Jan 2015 by a cargo ship in the Bay of Biscay (north of Spain) and then was apparently picked up by a mariner 11 days later and brought into Les Sables d'Olonne. For the complete story, see the Crimson Tide page on the Educational Passages website.

Voyager (ID=120350752)
(ESN 320231)

Kent Place

Kent Place School boat from Summit, New jersey Traveled the gyre around the Sargasso Sea and came back to its origin making landfall in S. Carolina on 15 July. It was recovered by Joe Robilard in August 2013.

Mini-Maine (ID=120350753)
(ESN 322948)


The Sebago Alliance Boat traveled quickly out to a spot southeast of the Azores and was retained there for many months. Is this the North Atlantic Garbage Patch?