2014 Drifter Tracks
resolving transport pathways through New England's estuarine and continental shelf waters and beyond

updated every two hours

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Date Deployed
#units Science
(customized googlemap)
Type of Unit
Educational PassagesBaldwin12 May 2012 Gulf Stream 5educational doneboats under sail boats under sail; blown ashore by two tropical storms Alberto and Beryll landing 25 May through 29 May, and relaunched a few weeks later. Two washed ashore in Newfoundland on 20 August, recovered with help from Clarence Careen and Alphonsus Murphy, refurbished by Dwight Howse, and redeployed on Oct 11th just west of the Grand Banks. One apparently went down in Hurrican Raphael mid-ocean. One landed in South Wales, was redeployed SW of the Azores at end of March 2013, landed on a sand beach in Portugal on Jan 28, 2014, brought to Lisbon's Portuguese National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture for repair.
Educational PassagesBaldwin02 Dec 2012 Gulf Stream 3educational underwayboats under saildeployed Dec 1st, 2012 off N. Carolina by Joe Robillard; one found by a small boat fishermen near Guernsey Island (off the NW corner of France) on Feb 16th, 2014, one got stuck in what is apparently a "garbage patch" SW of the Azores for nearly a year, one did a gyre loop back to SC after a few months.
Educational PassagesBaldwin08 Nov 2013 North Atlantic9educational underwayboats under sailtwo deployed off N. Carolina by Joe Robillard
two shipped to the Canaries,
and five deployed by New England offshore Lobstermen Todd Ellis, Bob Colbert, and Bro Cote
Scotish Gov'tHughes11 Dec 2013 Scotland8HF Radarunderway4x4 mast headed NNE, eastern-most 3 apparently ashore on Shetland Islands late December, and the others and ...
UCONNDierssen6 Jan 2014 Florida Keys3seaweed driftdonebuckets All three escaped to the ocean side in the first day or two and then recovered off shore of Sugarloaf Key on 10 January.
UCONNDierssen11 Jan 2014 Florida Keys3seaweed driftdonebuckets All three came ashore on the west coast of Long Key late in the day Jan 15th.
UCONNDierssen17 Jan 2014 Florida Keys2seaweed driftdonebuckets All two escaped to the ocean side in the first day or two and then recovered off shore of Long Key on 19 January.
Scotish Gov'tHughes/BerxMay 2014 Scotland9HF Radarplanned4x4 mast
Cantebury School/USFCummingsApr 2014 Florida Shelf1educationplannedIrina surface drifter
Nock Middle SchoolBackusApr 2014 Mass Bay2educationplanned Irina? surface drifter
Cohasset Center for Student Coastal ResearchBuckleyApr 2014 Mass Bay1educationplannedIrina? surface drifter
South Shore Natural Science Center/Hull HighGalluzzoApr 2014 Mass Bay1educationplannedIrina surface drifter
Truro Central SchoolOLearyMay 2014 Off Cape Cod1educationplannedIrina? surface drifter
Grays Reef Marine SanctuaryPetersonMay 2014 Georgia5river outflowplannedIrina? surface drifter
Woods Hole OceanographicRypinaJune 2014 SNE Shelf20educationplanned Irina surface drifters
Univ of MarylandXiaJuly 2014 Lake Michigan10?planned4 surface & 4 drogued drifters
Grays Reef Marine SanctuaryPetersonSep 2014 Georgia5river outflowplannedIrina? surface drifter

Note: Most units are prepared by marine science students. The majority are standard "surface drifters" marking only the top 1-meter of the water column, but some units, as in the case of EP boats, track the wind and wave at the surface and some have subsurface drogues typically centered at 10m-15m below the surface. For details, call 508-495-2211 or email james.manning@noaa.gov.